Swedish Mauser Model 1896

Rifle cal. 6.55x55mm
"built by Mauser Brothers in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany, in 1900"

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Sweden was so pleased with their first Mauser bolt action army firearm, the M94 carbine (but the very short carbine was designed for and issued only to artillery, engineers, and transport troops), that in 1895, they committed to equip all their main infantry troops with a 'full size' Mauser army rifle as well. Sticking with the tried-and-true 6.5mm cartridge, this resulted in the Model 1896 (M96). The first increment of M96s were built at the Mauser Oberndorf factory (with superior Swedish steel, and under Swedish supervision and inspection oversight), while the Mauser machines, dies, and tooling were installed at the new Swedish-owned and -licensed Mauser rifle factory in Sweden, in Carl Gustafs Stadt. As the domestic Swedish production of the new Mausers, both the M94 carbine and the M96 rifle, increased, Swede rifle production at the Oberndorf factory in Germany decreased gradually to zero in just a few years. The M94 and M96 continued in production for at least another 20 years in Sweden; however, the Oberndorf Swedes tend to command a slightly higher value among collectors, although there are virtually no discernible differences bwteen the two in either quality or performance.

My example M96, (shown in all three pictures here), was built at Mauser Oberndorf, Germany, in 1900. All the serial numbers match, wood and metal, except the two barrel bands. Note the distinct and highly desirable "tiger-stripe" pattern in the wood, seen below at an angle and in a light that highlight the unusual effect. The tiger stripes visibility and intensity changes with the ambient light and viewing angle.

And here's how this rifle shoots at 100 yards, using military surplus ammo, from a shooting bench, with the forestock resting on a sandbag. Original sights, ...naturally!