Rifles by Model

64 Match (Anschütz) .22

75T (Winchester) .22

98-22 (Brno, Czechoslovakia-made 8mm Mauser for Turkey)

98-29 (Brno, Czechoslovakia-made 8mm Mauser for Persia/Iran)

AG42B (Swede/Ljungman) 6.5mm

DSM34 .22

FSR (Swedish Model 1896/M96 production re-opened in 1943 by Husqvarna for civilian marksmanship training)

Gew.98 (original Imperial German Mauser 8mm model, the grand-daddy of just about every other Mauser rifle)

Hakim 8mm

K98k 8mm

K98k Trainer (Israeli Army) .22

Krag (see US Model of 1896) .30-40

Ljungman 6.5mm (see AG42B, above)

MAS36 7.5 French (also MAS-36, MAS 36)

M1 Garand .30-06 (Springfield Armory)

M1 Garand .30-06 (Harrington & Richardson)

M12 .22 Target Trainer (Harrington & Richardson Arms)

M1895 (Chilean)

M1908 (Brazil)

M1909 Rifle (Argentine) 7.65mm

M1909 Carbine (Argentine) 7.65mm

M24/47 (Yugoslavia) 8mm

M38 (Swede/Husqvarna) 6.5mm

M41B (Swede/Mauser-Oberndorf) 6.5mm

M48 (Yugoslavia) 8mm

M94 (Swede/Mauser-Oberndorf) 6.5mm

M96 (Swede/Mauser-Oberndorf) 6.5mm

SKS 7.62

SMLE Nr1 MkIII* (Enfield) .303 British

SMLE Nr4 (Enfield) .303 British

TU-KKW .22

US Model 03A3

US Model of 1896 (Springfield "Krag-Jorgensen") .30-40

US Model of 1917 ("US Enfield") .30-06

US Model of 1903 ("Springfield") .30-06