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Straight Shooter
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Hope you like old military rifles. You'll find several here for your surfing pleasure.

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ALERT: Unfortunately, some of these rifles were stolen from the owner on October 30th, 2005. Go here for details - STOLEN GUNS.

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OUR OPINION: Unless the rifle is damaged beyond restorability to original configuration, we oppose "sporterizing" an intact vintage military rifle. To do so permanently erases a dynamic and irreplaceable link back into history, a bond perhaps created with the blood and sweat of the soldier who once field-stripped, cleaned, reassembled, carried, and shot the rifle. The rifle and the rifleman served in time of peace or in time of war, whether volunteer or conscript, private or sergeant, in combat, or on guard duty or at the firing range, through raging blizzard, muddy trench, tangled dripping jungle, or gritty desert. We are only the temporary and fortunate custodians of these unique pieces of history, and our responsibilities are to handle them safely, do no harm to or with them, exercise them regularly, and share them and their history, as-is, hands-on, with the next generation. Oh, and also, by the way, sporterizing a military rifle immediately drops its collector value down from many or several hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to just above zero; if you're thinking of selling one of these sporterized bubba-jobs, it might be better to just break it down and sell the parts.

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