Mauser Oberndorf

Gewehr Mod98 in WW2 = "K98k"
cal. 7.92x57
"Karibiner 98 kurtz"

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ABOVE... Built by Mauser Brothers in the original Mauser factory, at Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany, in 1944, this pristine, all-matching (wood and metal), virtually un-issued condition rifle retains its original sling. An alleged vet bring-back, which is very plausible since it has no import marks.

BELOW... You can see both the very nice laminated stock, along with the deep, lustrous blueing on all the metal. Even the 'proper' plum-colored extractor claw.

BELOW... Hope you can see the waffenampt stamp below? This is on right-rear buttstock, and there's another one just aft of the trigger guard. (Code WaA135 = Mauser/Oberndorf.)


BELOW... And finally, here's a view of the typically strong waffenampts in the metal.


Here's how it does at 100 yards off a bench with sandbag, shooting 1940s Belgian FN military surplus 8mm ammo: