Argentine Model 1909
Cavalry Carbine cal. 7.65x54
"Mauser Modelo Argentino 1909"

Built by Deutsches Waffen-und-Munitionsfabriken, Berlin, Germany, in 1911, the Argentine Army's official designation for this rifle was Model 1909/26. The "26" appended to the 1909 signifies the addition of the bayonet lug, very neatly done in Argentine armories, in 1926. The wood on this example is incredible - a blend of deep reddish chocolate and beautiful dark honey-amber. I believe it is German or French black walnut. Nice too that the blueing is 99%+! Every serial number matches, on every piece of steel and every piece of wood. Hardly a ding, scratch, or bruise anywhere on the wood. I have never seen a nicer specimen of the Argy 1909 carbine.