7.92x57mm German Mauser

 ("8 mm" or just "Mauser")


This is German Wehrmacht infantry ammunition, new in original boxes, from the late 1930s and during World War 2. The larger box above is called a Battle Carrier, and it contains 20 of the smaller boxes, each of which has 15 rounds, for a total of 300 rounds in the carrier. What appears to be a ribbon running under the two small boxes atop the carrier, is actually a very sturdy canvas strap "handle" that, in turn, surrounds the entire inside stack of 20 boxes. Depending on the contract, and the supplier, some lots of this ammo was pre-loaded in the 5-round stripper clips, as indicated by "i.L." on one of the end flaps seen below.

The story behind this lot is that it's from the millions of rounds captured in North Africa in 1943, which ended up in storage in Turkey, who had lots of 8mm firearms, at the time anyway. However, Turkey eventually upgraded to NATO standard calibres and firearms inventories, rendering 100% surplus all the millions of rounds it never needed to use for its now-surplus guns. So both were released onto the international market. The ammo has pretty much all disappeared from the primary market; but a safe, working, decent looking, Turkish 8mm rifle seems readily available for under $100. I just don't have one. Yet. I have shot some Turkish 8mm ammo and it is quite robust. The only real dud 8mm stuff I have shot is contemporary Olympic (Greek) 8mm Mauser ammo. You could hear and feel its different velocities from round to round, and some were click-bangs just to keep it interesting. Smelly, too; definitely wouldn't want to shoot the Olympic 8mm in the Hakim Semi-Auto. But back on track, this German stuff is excellent, reliable, and consistent. Send me an email if you know someone looking for full or empty German WW2 15-round boxes, 300-round Battle Carriers (many still sealed), or bulk cartridges in 20-round bags.