196? Anschütz 64 Match

"by Savage-Anschütz, Ulm, Germany"

See Target

Okay, ya got me. This one has no claims at all to being a military trainer, although... Let's see if we can stretch this... Anschütz also built military training .22s before and during WW2, but my bet is those trainers looked a lot closer to the DSM34 or K98k than to a target rifle like this (above) Anschütz 64 Match.

Imported under the auspices of Savage Arms ("Savage-Anschütz") in the early to mid-sixties, this primo example sports the original Anschütz micrometer rear aperture sight (1 click = 1/4 inch at 100 yards), paired with a Lyman 77R front globe sight. It arrived with the rear sight; I installed and zeroed the front sight. The hand grip is very nicely hand stippled for a sure hold (no machine knurling yet used back then), the trigger is at about 2.5 - 3 pounds, the rear sight adjusts forward and back for eye relief distance, the hand-stop (front swivel) also adjusts forward and back through a range of about 10 inches, and the butt plate is adjustable for height. All in all, a very nice package, considering it's 40+ years old (but not as old as the shooter!).

The target below is at 50 yards, from benchrest/sandbag, ammo = PMC Zapper (not exactly ideal target ammo). Upper left bullseye (#1) was first, followed by adjustments in windage and elevation one or two clicks for each subsequent target, leading finally to #5 (inside the center square). ...Still appears to need a couple windage clicks to bring impact to the right a tiny bit.