1954 US Cal. 30 M1


"by Harrington & Richardson Arms, Worcester, Massachusetts"

See Target

My first direct purchase from the CMP, I had asked for a "high serial number H & R, with walnut wood all around." CMP exceeded my expectations. This example is all H & R, even down to the trigger assembly parts, gas cylinder lock screw, and sight adjustment knobs. It even has a little brass button on the pistol grip bottom denoting its rack number (58) at some time during its past service lives, who knows where.

I did do a little work with the wood, smoothing down some 'whiskers', and steaming out some dings and gouges. This picture below is the rifle before doing any work on it.

Not a bad shooter, either. The 100 yard target shown here was shot from prone position, on mat, with sling and shooting jacket.