1949 Israeli Army K98k .22 Trainer

built by Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre ("FN - Belgium")


ABOVE... Built by FN in 1949 for the new Israeli Defence Force, this is virtually a standard K98k, but with a barrel bored out only to .22 caliber, the bolt rebuilt with a new forward rotating part incorporating a combined firing pin/ejector pin, a single-round loading ramp instead of the 5-round magazine, and the magazine well blocked off by the ramp. It is the same weight and balance as the K98k, and in fact will also accept a K98k bayonet. However, the cleaning rod is a dummy, and the rear sight is calibrated only out to 200 meters (and I think that's a bit optimistic). However, you'll note I have temporarily removed the original rear sight from my rifle and installed a Lyman rear aperture and front globe, to use for smallbore competition shooting (and some may think this is a bit optimistic). Still, it's always a treat to appear at the smallbore match, where someone will always approach me and say, "Hey you can't shoot 8mm Mausers at this match!" Also note that the stock, while displaying the standard cupped buttplate, nonetheless lacks the firing pin disassembly doughnut (not needed).

Below, you can see the impressive stong, crisp receiver stamp depicting the IDF crest, and also a close-up of the Lyman rear sight installation.