1947 Winchester 75T .22LR

"Winchester Repeating Arms Model 75T"

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The Winchester 75T Target Rifle is based on the highly successful Model 52, but somewhat lighter overall, and many 75s saw service during WW2 as a US Army trainer. However, this practically as-new example was built in 1947, and saw very little use up until I acquired it about three years ago. Since then, I have done nothing to it except shoot it and clean it. The wood is almost the nicest looking grain and finish in my entire collection. This rifle happily shoots just about any ammo, has both a single-shot loading ramp magazine (original Winchester-logo mag, probably the one originally supplied with the gun), and also a 5-round after-market 'W'-logo magazine. A Winchester 75T is a perfect rifle for the beginning smallbore prone shooter: solid and heavy enough to give the needed feel and stability for a good target shooting foundation, yet simple and straightforward enough to not overwhelm the novice.

Target at 50 yards (50-meter target, reduced scale for placing at 50 yards), using CCI Green Tag ammo: