1945 US Cal. 30 M1


"by Springfield US Armory, Springfield, Massachusetts"

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My second purchase from the CMP, I bought this super example at their walk-in store at Camp Perry, Ohio. (Never go there unless you have lots of cash or lots of credit card balance available!) Since I already had such an excellent post-war M1 (my 1954 H & R), I wanted a WW2-vintage specimen to balance my collection, and I wanted a Springfield-made example rather than a Winchester (the other WW2 producer of M1s), nothing against Winchester, but after all, my H & R was a contractor-built, so why not get a US Armory-built one? This March 1944 M1 is really nice, with a National Match barrel, and a National Match operating rod.

Once again, I invested some 'sweat equity' working a little with the wood, smoothing down some 'whiskers', and steaming out some dings and gouges, as with so many of my other rifles.

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