1943 Swedish M96

Husqvarna "FSR" cal. 6.55x55mm

"built by Husqvarna Vapenfabriks"

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As World War 2 began to boil around them, the Swedes decided to take advantange of their traditional civilian marksmanship enthusiasm to build up a reserve of civilian sharpshooters. Sweden enabled this goal through contracting with Husqvarna to build several thousand Model M96s, which the government then provided, at or below cost, to members of the FSR (Volunteer Shooters Association - much like the USA's NRA), with the understanding that, if Sweden should get involved in the war, the civilian FSR owners agreed to return the rifles to the government in exchange for their original cost of purchase.

The war ended with no Swedish involvement, and the FSR rifles remained in civilian hands. Most were modified as their owners sought the competitive advantange. The most common modification was the installation of a rear aperture ("peep") sight, of which there were multiple types available, one of the most popular and accurate being the Soderin rear sight, which is the one installed on my example rifle. Here's a close-up view of the sight, from the rear left-quarter, with the arrow indicating the peep. The horizontal knob on top adjusts for elevation, raising and lowering the peep sight, while the vertical knob at the left adjusts the windage left and right. There are no audible or tactile clicks, so you have to rely on the numerical index marks for relative adjustment. This rifle came to me with its original inverted 'V' front post sight, and I replaced it with a Lyman 17A globe sight, which works very well with the Soderin rear sight..

A very good shooter, too: