1942 Swedish M38B

Husqvarna "Short Rifle" cal. 6.55x55mm

"built by Husqvarna Vapenfabriks"

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The M38B is simply a development of the M96 (Model 1896) long rifle, basically with a shortened stock, shortened barrel, and turned down bolt handle. Otherwise the two rifles are virtually identical.

When Sweden decided they needed a fresh supply of rifles in the late 1930's, they very practically adapted the M96 design to a shorter, handier infantry rifle, incorporating many common parts. And since Carl Gustafs armory was busy producing other armaments, Sweden engaged the civilian firearms and sporting goods manufacturer, Husqvarna. Some collectors maintain that the Husqvarna rifles are the cream of the Swedes, but that's a pretty strong statement, considering the superior quality and workmanship of the Oberndorf and Carl Gustafs Swede Mausers!

The stock disk system as used by the Swedes can tell you a lot about the status of the rifle that bears it. The disk below, mounted on this M38B, says Barrel Condition 1 (perfect condition), bore diameter 6.51mm, and sights adjusted for pointed boat-tail ammo.

A very good shooter, too: