1937 Mauser M98/29

cal. 7.92x57mm

Persian Army Mauser Contract

"by Brno/Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka, A.S. ("CZ")"

See Target

Mauser firearms enjoyed a long-established high reputation and regard among the Middle Eastern countries, having supplied the Ottoman Empire since the mid-1800s. So Persia ordered the very latest version of the formidable Gew.98, this latest design appended with its design year, 1929. And under that contract, this one shown above was built and delivered to Persia in 1937. It must have seen only very little use, like limited to ceremonial events, and had lots of attentive care, because it appears as if it were built last week. The fine-grained wood has a deep lustrous finish, and the blueing on the metal is midnight-black-deep and unblemished. This example is even more unique in that the bayonet and scabbard serial numbers match all those on the rifle, too. I believe this is the only occurence of that (all gun/bayonet/scabbard serial numbers match) in my collection. Of course, all the numbers and words are in Farsi, including Mauser/Oberndorf, etc., and the distance markings on the rear sight.

The target show below is at 100 yards, from a bench/sandbag rest, original sights. No wind. The Shoot-N-See is eight inches across. The ammo is Belgian FN WW2 8mm milsurp (hey, it's younger than the rifle!). This is one of my most accurate 8mm rifles.

Note on the above target the majority of the impacts are in the lower right quadrant of the Shoot-N-See. Now, below, at 200 yards, see how I had to hold well into the lower right corner (see blue dot at "POA" - point of aim) of the paper to place the rounds inside the Shoot-N-See.