1927 Mauser M98/22

cal. 7.92x57mm

Turkish Army Mauser Contract

"by Brno/Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka, A.S. ("CZ")"

See Target

Entering the 1920s, Waffenfabrik Mauser had enjoyed a long and profitable contract relationship with the Ottoman Empire, a reflection of the Turkish armed forces' great and enduring admiration for all martial things German. Mauser even built, within the Mauser works, a "Turkish Pavilion" based on Ottoman architecture, so that the continuous stream of Turkish military, diplomatic, and business visitors would feel more at home. The fall of the Ottoman Empire, replaced in Turkey by the Turkish Republic, had no effect on the military-industrial relationship with Germany in general, and Waffenfabrik Mauser specifically. However, the Oberndorf factory's production was hobbled by post-WW1 restrictions, so for their latest rifle acquisitions, Turkey now turned to an alternate but equally reputable builder of Mauser rifles, Brno/Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka, A.S., generally referred to by the initials, CZ.

My Brno 98/22 is a true mix-master of serial numbers, negating any collector value. This one is purely a shooter, and a good one at that, especially considering its hodge-podge of parts. The receiver, trigger guard, and barrel bands are all correct. However, different serial numbers appear on the bolt, safety lever, magazine floor plate, rear sight slider and base, and the extractor claw even has an arabic number. The only other arabic numbers are on the rear sight tangent leaf, which also boasts a crescent moon, symbol of the Turkish army. There is abundant surface pitting on the barrel, concentrated at and below the wood lines. Blueing is probably less than 30%. This is one rifle that has been rode hard. ...And it is ready for more.

The target shown immediately below is at 100 yards, from a bench/sandbag rest, no wind. Trying the two different ammos noted. Interesting that the 70-year-old German military surplus ammo seems to shoot better than the contemporary Greek "Olympic" brand.

At 200 yards, below, this is all German WW2 milsurp ammo: